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Previous FYE Program

First Year Student Briefing

There are a number of First Year Briefings being held, mainly during the beginning of the semesters. The briefings are delivered by the Dean and also by the Deputy Dean of Academic and Continuing Education. 

The briefing aimed to educate the student on how to adapt semester system and some study techniques to score in their studies. The do and don'ts are also highlighted in the briefings.


This program is designed by the university to exposed the first year student to creating an e-portfolio of themselves. 

More information on e-portfolio can be  viewed at

Motivation by Peers

This program is initiated to give some motivation to the students by their peers/ seniors who excelled in their studies. It is also to open the students mind to a broader techniques of effective studying methods and scoring in the exams. 

The objectives are:
  1. To increase the first year students' knowledge on the effective learning techniques in the university. 
  2. To share the experience from the excellent seniors on their learning style and life in FKE and UTM. 
  3. To acknowledge to the students on the available resources during their entire study in the university

Introduction to Professional Society

The objectives of the program are:
  1. To introduce and give some overview on professional societies available at the faculty/university.
  2. To promote awareness to the students the importance of being in professional society.

Intel Elite Program 

The objective of the program is to expose the students to the sources of assistance from the industry, namely Intel which can be benefited by the students during their university life and career in the industry after graduation.